EngAGE changes lives

by transforming affordable senior and multigenerational apartment communities into vibrant centers of learning, wellness, and creativity.

EngAGE embraces

a whole person approach to creative living, providing college-level programs in the arts, wellness, and lifelong learning.

EngAGE connects

across generations, helping older adults become involved with younger people in their communities as mentors, sages, and neighbors.

EngAGE catalyzes

the development of arts colonies that offer unique creative amenities such as art studios, galleries, and theaters.

Research demonstrates

that participating in arts activities improves the health and quality of life of older people.

“A Dose of Creativity,” produced by Aroha Philanthropies, features residents from Burbank Senior Artists ColonyNorth Hollywood Senior Arts Colony, and Long Beach Senior Arts Colony.

Tim Carpenter and EngAGE articulate a compelling vision of a better world, then act to turn that vision into reality, driving positive social change further and faster.

Bill Thomas, MD International Authority on Geriatric Medicine and Eldercare

People talk about the need to develop housing for older people that provides “enrichment.” EngAGE shows that not only can it be done, it is being done.

John Feather, PhDC.E.O. Grantmakers in Aging

Few organizations create lasting solutions to systemic issues. EngAGE has done just that. It exemplifies 21st century creative living for older adults.

Janet BrownPresident & CEO Grantmakers in the Arts

EngAGE is unique in its approach to healthy aging because it literally meets seniors where they are – in the apartment communities where they live.

Laura E. MasonProgram Officer May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust

EngAGE demonstrates how the longevity revolution can be a source of individual and social renewal. Tim Carpenter is a national treasure.

Marc FreedmanFounder/CEO Encore.org

Tim Carpenter talks about the positive effects that occur when individuals engage in art-making in an intentional way. His vision makes that possible, multiplied by 100+.

Ellen MichelsonPresident Aroha Philanthropies

EngAGE is smart, innovative, and uplifting in its approach. We are proud to partner with EngAGE on its intergenerational efforts in Southern California.

Trent StampC.E.O. The Eisner Foundation

I came from the era in which I would say, "Oh, I'm just a housewife." Now, I can say to you, "I am an artist. I am an actor. I am a poet." Isn't that wonderful?

JeanNOHO Senior Arts Colony Resident
Community Spotlight

Burbank Senior Artists Colony is the nation’s first apartment rental community dedicated to providing exceptional independent living for older people in a creative, arts-inspired environment.

Funder Spotlight

A generous grant from Aroha Philanthropies has allowed EngAGE to expand programming to Minnesota. They are also the producers of our inspiring video, “A Dose of Creativity.”