Funder Spotlight

Funder Spotlight

A generous grant from Aroha Philanthropies has allowed EngAGE to expand programming to Minnesota. They are also the producers of our inspiring video, “A Dose of Creativity.”

About Aroha Philanthropies

Aroha (pronounced: ‘AH-row-ha) is a core value of the Maori culture of New Zealand. The full meaning of the word does not exist in a single equivalent English word. Built on the foundation of love, Aroha combines selflessness, tolerance, kindness, and compassion. Aroha is the creative force that comes from the spirit and is represented in action through generosity. This word beautifully embodies the spirit and life philosophy of the foundation’s founder and president, Ellen Michelson, and in 2014 the foundation was renamed Aroha Philanthropies.

Our Mission
Inspiring Creative and Fulfilling Lives

Our Vision
Aroha Philanthropies is devoted to the transformative power of the arts and creativity, inspiring vitality in those over 55, joy in children and youth, and humanity in adults with mental illness.

We believe that learning, making, and sharing art enriches everyone throughout their lifetime.