Our Results

Our Results
EngAGE programs are proven, award-winning, and save society money:

  • Savings to society: EngAGE programs reduce by 25% the number of seniors requiring higher levels of care such as ADL (activities of daily living) and nursing care, representing a $3,000 per month, per person reduction in cost of care for at least 500 residents, causing an annual savings of $18 million. – Century Housing study
  • The National Endowment for the Arts named EngAGE an Exemplary Program for Best Practices in Lifelong Learning, one of only 10 in the nation. – National Endowment for the Arts, Office of AccessAbility
  • Seniors who participate in intensive, participatory arts and lifelong learning programs (like those offered by EngAGE) report improved health, fewer doctor visits and less medication usage. – The Creativity and Aging Study, Gene Cohen, M.D., Ph.D., George Washington University
  • EngAGE had more respondents reporting improved health in the past year as contrasted to non-EngAGE sites, where more respondents reported worsening health. – From the USC study, Lifestyles of Low-Income Seniors Living in Independent Senior Housing USC study
  • EngAGE won the SAGE Award for Program of the Year from the Building Industry Association


As I travel the world, I meet two kinds of innovators. The first type says all the right things but can’t seem to turn those words into action. Tim Carpenter and EngAGE are the best examples I have ever seen of the second type of innovators. They can articulate a compelling vision of a better world and then act to turn that vision into a reality. The multi-generational, arts-inspired communities they create are powerful tools for driving positive social change further and faster. They are the best of the best.

—Bill Thomas, MD, International Authority on Geriatric Medicine and Eldercare

EngAGE is unique in its approach to healthy aging because it literally meets seniors where they are – in the apartment communities where they live – and gives each person the opportunity for a new beginning through learning and the arts. Whether through painting, acting, sculpting, or mentoring local youth, EngAGE communities are telling stories that need to be told and enriching entire neighborhoods in the process. A true win-win-win.

—Laura E. Mason, Program Officer, May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust

EngAGE is smart, innovative, and uplifting in its approach to our aging society. We are proud to partner with EngAGE on its intergenerational efforts across Southern California.

Trent Stamp, CEO, The Eisner Foundation

I was introduced to the EngAGE model in 2011 after hearing Tim Carpenter speak about the positive and life-changing effects that occur when individuals engage in art-making in an intentional way. When I realized that Tim’s vision was to make art experiences happen within the walls of apartment buildings, I had proof that one person can make lasting change if they put passion, sheer grit, and most importantly, their heart into their work. Tim’s vision continues to do that multiplied by 100+.

Ellen Michelson, President, Aroha Philanthropies

Few organizations create lasting solutions to systemic issues. Through Tim Carpenter’s leadership, EngAGE has done just that…leading the field of facility and programming development for Baby Boomer affordable housing that truly makes a difference. The testimonials from those involved speak for themselves. EngAGE exemplifies 21st century creative living for older adults with enthusiasm and beauty.

—Janet Brown, President & CEO, Grantmakers in the Arts

Many people talk about the need to develop housing for older people that is not just a roof over heads, but which also provides all kinds of “enrichment.” EngAGE shows that it takes a special set of skills, but not only can it be done, it is being done.

John Feather, PhD, C.E.O., Grantmakers in Aging

EngAGE is redefining the possibilities of an aging America, demonstrating how the longevity revolution can be a source of individual and social renewal. And Tim Carpenter is, quite simply, a national treasure.

— Marc Freedman, Founder/CEO, Encore.org

I came from the era in which I would hear myself say, “Oh, I’m just a housewife.” Now, I can sit and I can say to you, “I am an artist. I am an actor. I am a poet.” Isn’t that wonderful?

— Jean, NoHo SAC resident