In 2016, EngAGE began delivering services to our first community in Portland: Cascadian Terrace Apartments, a 103-unit subsidized property providing affordable housing for very low income residents. At Cascadian Terrace, EngAGE inaugurated an association with Friendly House to deliver arts-based programs. This is also the first collaboration of EngAGE with another group expanding to Portland and Oregon – Community Development Partners, the owners of Cascadian Terrace and other Portland properties.

We celebrated the launch with residents at a barbecue featuring entertainment by award-winning Portland singer/songwriter Tyler Stenson.

In addition to serving Cascadian Terrace Apartments, we now also provide programming to Hazelwood Retirement Community.

EngAGE is also proud to be a part of the Age-Friendly Oregon initiative. In June 2010, Portland was one of nine cities selected to be a pioneer member of the WHO Network of Age-Friendly Cities. Working closely with the City and advising on the Portland Plan, the Age-Friendly Advisory Council is developing and implementing a plan to make Portland a place where people can age well. EngAGE will be a part of this group and will be the catalyzing force to make Portland the most Age Friendly City in America, pulling together many of the area’s top thinkers in aging, and building a community for all ages.

Cascadian Terrace Apartments – 5700 North Kerby Avenue, Portland, OR (503) 283-3541
Hazelwood Retirement Community – 11939 N.E. Davis Street, Portland, OR (503) 255-4757